Reel Fun at Prairie Meadows

Bells ringing, carnival-style music playing, gold virtual coins flying. Slot machines at Prairie Meadows Casino Racetrack Hotel range from state-of-the-art graphics and touch screens to traditional classic reels with pull levers. No matter the game style, slots are hot at Prairie Meadows.

Some of the most popular games at Prairie Meadows are the lock & respin slot format. These games feature a free spin bonus when adjacent symbols on the reels are linked together and locked in place. During the free spins the symbols remain locked in position and additional credits or spins are awarded until the free spin cycle is complete or every reel position contains the locked symbol. These slots also feature a progressive jackpot. The more the “linked” machines are played, the more the jackpot increases. “We continue to add more of these types of machines. Our guests love the extra excitement of the bonuses and of course the payouts,” said Rod Suhr, Assistant Director of Casino Operations.

“Our guests also see success on our interactive slots. These machines are equipped with features that allow the player to make decisions in bonus rounds,” added Suhr. Some of the interactive slot machines at Prairie Meadows are Wheel of Fortune, Monopoly, and Dancing Drums Explosion. When players achieve a bonus, they tap the touch screen to make their choices. Once their choices have been made, the bonus round begins.

New technology in casino slots is always evolving. Some of the new trends the team at Prairie Meadows are watching are quick hit slot machines, broader interactive experiences, cashless wagering, and on demand beverage ordering. The quick hit slot concept is a machine that will have smaller payouts, with a higher and quicker frequency of hitting a jackpot. Broader interactive experiences can include more opportunities for players to choose their bonus outcome, mesmerizing visual effects, surround sound audio immersion, and even motion integrated into the slots seating. Cashless wagering could range from inserting a credit/debit card into the machine to banking apps making electronic transfers to the slot machine. On demand drink ordering is a slot player’s dream. Placing an order from the slot machine console alleviates watching for the next cocktail server and ensures players can stay at their favorite machine.

If you are looking for a fun and interactive way to spend an evening, Prairie Meadows has some slots for you to try out. The interactive machines are entertaining, vibrant, and have the look and feel of giant high-resolution video games. As their tagline says … Prairie Meadows, Fun You Can Bet On.

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