It’s not every day that you see a corn cob statue, let alone a bunch of them on display! Crafted by local artists, these a-maize-ing masterpieces were unveiled on July 4th to kick off Altoona’s CORNival celebration, held in honor of the 100th anniversary of America’s first acre of commercial hybrid seed corn being grown right here in town!

The statues will be traveling across Altoona all summer long.
Check this page for the latest information on where they’re at!



July 27: Spring Creek Sports Complex

July 28 – August 6: CORNvoy Goes on Tour, Click here to view map!

August 7 – 10: Altoona Public Library, 700 8th St SW

August 14 – 24: CORNvoy Goes on Tour, Click here to view map!

August 25 – 27: Altoona Palooza, Sam Wise Sports Complex, 600 8th Ave SW

August 28 – September 11: CORNvoy Goes on Tour, Click here to view map!

September 11 – 18: Terrace Hills Golf Course, 8700 NE 46th Ave

September 23: CORNival Fall Family Festival, Intrinsic Ag, 102 1st Ave N, Click here to learn more!

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Altoona’s CORNival Statues

“Toona Town” – Ally Frame

Infused with whimsy and a touch of nostalgia, “Toona Town” playfully transforms Altoona into a can of tuna, serving as a delightful reminder to embrace the joy of pure silliness.

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“The Golden Corn” – Altoona Arts and Culture Commission

“The Golden Corn”, provided by the Arts and Culture Commission itself, is a flashy beacon to the city to remind us of our past, where we are in the present, and what the future will hold for Altoona in another 100 years.

“Our Flag” – Angela Lopez

With a nod to Iowa’s rich heritage and a tribute to its flag, “Our Flag” seamlessly integrates history and artistry, serving as a poignant reminder of the state’s roots while inspiring a united pursuit of progress and gratitude.

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“Farming Through the Years” – Anne Mae Fick

In a heartfelt homage to the timeless legacy of agriculture, “Farming Through the Years” pays tribute to the dedicated stewards of the land who tirelessly nurture and cultivate, showcasing the intrinsic connection between humanity and the earth.

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“The Last UniCORN” – Becky Kate Tenckinck

Mystical and enchanting, “The Last UniCORN” beckons with its whimsical charm, evoking fond childhood memories and a dash of cinematic nostalgia.

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“Candy Corn” – Christie Engelbert

With a clever nod to the iconic “Cows on Parade” sculptures that sparked the artist’s inspiration, “Candy Corn” showcases Christie’s passion for painting and her unwavering commitment to sharing the joy of art with the world.

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“Pop Into Altoona” – Emily Perry

Radiating with vibrant energy and playful spirit, “Pop Into Altoona” emerges as a delightful fusion of art, humor and (you guessed it) popcorn.

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“Highest Points of Highest Point” – Emma Palmer

Celebrating the cherished memories and vibrant growth of Altoona, “Highest Points of Highest Point” is a tapestry of scenes (on a cob) that illustrates our city’s evolution over the years.

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“Fields of Gold” – Faith Tyrrell

Bathed in the radiant hues of Iowa’s golden landscapes, “Fields of Gold” is a mesmerizing tribute to the subtle, yet spectacular splendor of the Midwest.

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“Garden Gnome” – Hannah Millard

Crafted by a talented young artist whose roots run deep in Altoona, “Garden Gnome” is a captivating embodiment of creativity and community pride.

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“Altoona’s Maize” – Jeffrey Linacre

Inspired by a love for puzzles and a penchant for puns, “Altoona’s Maize” beckons with its interactive charm, taking the form of a mesmerizing “maize maze” that’s full of hidden surprises.

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“Lost In The Corn” – Jill Fisher

Crafted with an ingenious blend of artistry and playfulness, “Lost In The Corn” invites viewers to traverse the sculpture for cleverly concealed words and compete in a lively game of discovery.

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“Fields Of Opportunities” – Kathleen Joy Roling

Emanating from a profound connection with nature and guided by a spiritual reverence, “Fields Of Opportunities” is a testament to our beautiful planet and the profound impact it has on the creative process.

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“All Together Now” – Kyle Kirwan

Drawing inspiration from his popular “Bloom” figure, “All Together Now” brings to life the endearing creatures from Kyle Kirwan’s colorful “World of Dor”, representing a unique expression of unity and capturing the essence of diversity and harmony.

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“Corny” – Laura Palmer

“Corny” pays a smiley homage to Altoona’s charm, brought to life by the artistry and wit of Laura Palmer, an accomplished professional illustrator and lifelong Iowan.

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“Best Way To See The Milky Way” – Laura Todd

As an artist and educator, Laura Todd’s dedication to her craft and her commitment to the growth and well-being of her community shine through in “Best Way To See The Milky Way”, encapsulating the transformative power of art in uplifting hearts and minds.

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“Boundless” – Lauren Pesta

Inspired by the historical narrative behind CORNival, “Boundless” weaves together a vibrant and colorful design that invites viewers to embark on a journey through time, fostering a sense of connection, preservation, and celebration of the vibrant history that shaped the Altoona community.

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“Mosaic Iowa” – Nicole K James

Inspired by road trips to visit family in Omaha, Nicole K James’ “Mosaic Iowa” transforms simple glass and ceramic tiles into captivating images that evoke a sense of childlike wonder.

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“All Love Grows Here” – Sarah Ashby

“All Love Grows Here” serves as a joyful celebration of diversity, an all-important reminder to embrace love and curiosity over fear and judgment, and a heartfelt promise that the Altoona community welcomes everyone with open arms.

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“Seedsmen To The American People” – Teri Templeton Cadman

“Seedsmen To The American People” incorporates vibrant colors and elements inspired by vintage Iowa Seed Co. catalogs to celebrate the history of CORNival and the agricultural accomplishments of the Kurtzweil family.

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