Toasty Deals & Cozy Shops: 5 Reasons to Do Your Fall Shopping in Altoona

There are good things about the summer and the spring – even winter has its perks – but fall is, without a doubt, the best-looking season of the year.

As cooler weather approaches, fall is the perfect time to try on a new look. It’s also the time when fashion is at its most flexible and interesting, with cozy knit sweaters, scarves and layers upon layers of shirts, tights, scarves, jackets, boots, accessories and – how could we forget? – flannel.

Maybe you’re searching for that perfect sweater-weather sweater. Or hunting for some new outdoor gear. Or trying to unravel the mysterious rules of remote work/school fashion (on that note, get some good tips here). Whatever you’re shopping for, you’ll find it in Altoona, Iowa’s best place for fall shopping.

Whoa, whoa, whoa… What makes Altoona Iowa’s best place for fall shopping?

Glad you asked!

Outlets of Des Moines

Reason #1: You can enjoy the fall weather at Altoona’s incredible indoor-outdoor shopping mall.

One of the best things about the fall is enjoying the crisp air, the cool breeze and the delicious smells. But you can only enjoy those things if you’re actually outdoors!

That’s what makes Outlets of Des Moines in Altoona the perfect place for fall shopping. Not only is the Altoona shopping mall home to 50+ premium outlet stores – including Nike, Express, Kay Jewelers and many more, offering deals that you can only get at the Outlets – it’s also an indoor-outdoor shopping mall, which means that you can enjoy the beautiful fall weather as you shop (and warm-up indoors when it gets chilly).

Outlets is a truly unique shopping destination; there’s nothing else like it in the region. It’s the best place to shop while savoring the fall.

Grab something warm to drink and check out these toasty deals before you head out.

Reason #2: You’ll find all the outdoor gear you need at Bass Pro Shops.

As the leaves change color and the forest floor gets nice and crunchy, fall is prime time for exploring the great outdoors, and Central Iowa is home to numerous parks, trails, rivers, ponds and lakes waiting to be explored.

Before you go hunting, fishing, camping or hiking, get all the gear you need at Bass Pro Shops in Altoona.

Reason #3: We have restaurants for any taste.

Altoona is home to numerous restaurants to satisfy the tastes of any shopper, whether you’re looking for a high-end steakhouse, a relaxed sports pub or some absolutely amazing mochi.

When you work up an appetite shopping in Altoona, you can find some delicious ideas here.  

Reason #4: Shopping is better when it’s followed by roller coasters.

When you shop at Iowa’s Entertainment Capital, it means there’s always something fun right down the street. Make a weekend of your Altoona shopping trip and ride the coasters at Adventureland, play the tables at Prairie Meadows, or unwind at one of our beautiful parks.

Note: Adventureland is open on weekends only through the end of September, with an Oktoberfest event on October 3rd. Check out the Adventureland calendar and get tickets here.

Reason #5: We have that perfect mix.

Making the perfect mug of cocoa is all about striking the right balance between chocolatey goodness, heavenly marshmallows, rich milk and a mountain of whipped cream.

Shopping is no different! It’s all about balance. And when you get it right… OMG. It’s amazing.

Like a perfect cup of cocoa, Altoona’s shopping scene strikes a balance between what you expect and what you don’t. We have the premium retailers, the hot deals and the big-box stores, but we’re also home to many hidden gems—from family-owned boutiques to small diners, just off the beaten path.

Yes, shopping is about getting great deals on good clothes, but it’s also about the experiences, the good times and the memories you make along the way. And that’s what makes Altoona the best place for shopping any time of year (but especially in the fall).

This season, stay warm, stay safe, and start a new tradition of shopping in Altoona!

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re craving hot chocolate, for some reason…