There’s plenty of room to play at Spring Creek Sports Complex in Altoona

spring creek sports complex

Whether you’re hosting a 100-team soccer tournament, organizing a day of youth football games, or just getting your team together to practice, having ample playing space is a must.

You’ll find plenty of it at Spring Creek Sports Complex in Altoona!

Keep reading to learn more about this cutting-edge facility and why it’s important to our community. Lace up your cleats, hydrate, and do your stretches—it’s time to explore!

Ideal venue for soccer & football tournaments

Spring Creek Sports Complex is one of Central best Iowa’s venues for soccer and football tournaments.

Teams from across the state come here each year for massive events like GPS Iowa’s Summer Kickoff and Fall Classic tournaments. And it makes sense why!

Spring Creek Sports Complex has 14 full-sized grass fields and 1 full-sized turf field with bleachers, lighting, a scoreboard and goal posts. Plus, each of the grass fields can be divided into smaller playing areas, giving tournament organizers the ability to essentially double their capacity!

Lots of amenities for both players & spectators

Fear not, non-athletes. There’s plenty to do both on AND off the field at Spring Creek Sports Complex!

In the center of the park, you’ll find a gorgeous pavilion complete with a concessions stand, covered seating area, and spacious indoor bathrooms. It’s the perfect spot to hang out between games. Plus, there’s an on-site playground located just a few steps away!

Load up on snacks and drinks. Catch some shade. Take a load off while the kids run around!

If you want a change of scenery, head north to Falcon Ridge Park or south to Spring Creek Park. Both of these beautiful outdoor spaces are just a 15-minute walk away from the pavilion!

Bringing value to the Altoona community

Spring Creek Sports Complex offers so much more than just space for recreation. It actually helps stimulate fiscal growth within our community!

When visiting teams and spectators come to Altoona for tournaments, they stay in hotels, go out to eat, shop, see movies, etc. This has a sizeable positive effect on our local economy, one that only increases over time. The City of Altoona knew this from the get-go, so they built the complex accordingly.

Like all of Altoona’s wonderful outdoor amenities, Spring Creek Sports Complex was built to accommodate our community’s needs in the future, not just the present. With its longevity-focused design and support from community-oriented local leaders, Spring Creek Sports Complex will continue to attract tournaments and consumers for decades to come.

Watch this video to learn more about the city’s vision for Spring Creek Sports Complex and how it’s come to life since its inception. Oh yeah, be sure to stop by sometime, too! You won’t regret it.

What to know before you go

What: Spring Creek Sports Complex

Where: 7600 NE 38th Ave, Altoona, IA


  • 14 full-sized grass fields
    • 8 irrigated playing fields
    • 6 non-irrigated practice fields
  • 1 full-sized synthetic turf tournament field with bleachers, lighting & scoreboard
  • Pavilion with concessions stand, ample seating & indoor bathrooms
  • Playground
  • Walking paths

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