The Buzz: What’s Brewing at Brightside?

This week, we swung by Brightside Aleworks in Altoona, IA, and met with Andrew Frana, who co-founded the brewery with his wife, Molly, in 2014.

Located near all of Altoona’s attractions, Brightside is the perfect place to cool off after an action-packed day at Iowa’s Entertainment Destination. The brewery features a beautiful bar, plenty of seating, crowlers to-go, and a cozy event space where newlyweds have celebrated their newlywedded-ness and families have toasted their baby’s first birthday.

When we stopped by, Andrew had something new brewing – to be precise, he had three new somethings brewing – and you can learn all about them in the video below. Or, keep scrolling for a quick look at each beer.

New Brew #1: Among Friends

4.5%, IBU: 25

This session-able NEIPA (that’s a New England-style IPA, for the uninitiated) is loaded with Galaxy and Strata hops. “Galaxy and Strata are two of our favorite hops here,” Andrew says. “They play well together, just like friends would.”

In addition to the interplay between the two strains of hops, the name has a more personal meaning. To develop the beer, Molly teamed up with a friend, who is now Brightside’s new brewing assistant.

“It means a little bit more than just the hops and the glass.”

New Brew #2: Sure Bae

4.8%, IBU: 20

Sure Bae is a kettle sour that tastes like sorbet, packed with the goodness of raspberry, peach and mango. When it comes to beer, Andrew doesn’t like to pick favorites, but he tells us that Sure Bae is currently his go-to… for multiple reasons.

“Not only is it fruity and fun to drink,” he says, “it answers pretty much any question I get asked by Molly. Sure, bae!”

New Brew #3: Berry Me with my Money

4.8%, IBU: 20

Another kettle sour, Berry Me with my Money amps up the tartness with blueberry, blackberry and a punch of lemon. The name is a reference to Sunset Riders, an old Nintendo game that Andrew and his brother used to spend way too much time playing.

That’s what’s brewing at Brightside! The next time you visit Iowa’s Entertainment Destination, swing by the brewery and enjoy some local craft beer. Cheers!

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