The Buzz: Veterans Day in Altoona

veterans day in altoona

As Veterans Day draws near, you may be wondering how to observe it here in Altoona. Whether you’ve been in the armed forces yourself, are a family member of a veteran or just want to honor the brave servicemen and women in our community—here are a few things you can do to show your gratitude.

Veterans Day Celebration at Prairie Meadows

A fun way to thank and support local veterans is by attending Prairie Meadows’ Veterans Day Celebration. The event runs from 11am-4pm on Friday, November 10 and will feature patriotic music, Color Guard ceremonies and military displays, plus free lunch service and a concert put on by “Dale Menning & the Stardusters.”

Click here to learn more.

Hy-Vee Veterans Day Breakfast

Hy-Vee is offering a free dine-in breakfast for veterans and active-duty servicemembers from 6-10am on Friday, November 10! The event supports the Hy-Vee Homefront—an initiative providing support to thousands of veterans and their family members throughout the region.

Visit Hy-Vee’s website for more information.

Memorial Displays in Altoona

Altoona is home to two beautiful military memorial displays, each offering a unique perspective on the heroism and sacrifices of veterans from our community and around the nation.

Korean/Vietnam War Memorial

This heartfelt tribute was designed, organized and installed by late resident and veteran Doug Teuber, along with numerous dedicated volunteers. You can find it between Hy-Vee and the Enabling Garden at 1100 1st Ave South.

Read more about it here.

Veterans Memorial A-7D Jet Display

If you head over to Sam Wise Youth Complex, on the intersection of 8th Ave SE and 8th Street SE, you’ll discover a full-size attack aircraft from the Vietnam War era. Local Altoona residents took the initiative to restore the plane in the late 1990s, which was then turned into the display you see today.

Check out this edition of “Masterpieces of Altoona” to watch a video about the jet display and uncover its historical significance.

Adventureland’s “Freedom Rock”

Have you ever noticed this 38,000-pound boulder, adorned with patriotic imagery, resting in front of Adventureland Inn? This monumental masterpiece marks the 100th addition to the “Iowa Freedom Rock” collection, created by talented artist and State Representative Ray Sorensen.

We highly recommend paying it a visit!

Thank You, Veterans

This Veterans Day and every day, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the current and former members of our nation’s armed forces. The Altoona community appreciates you and has your back—thank you for your service.

Have a wonderful Veterans Day!