The Altoona Skate Park: an action-packed outdoor recreation space

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Grab your helmet, pads, and wheels of choice. We’re headed to the Altoona Skate Park, a concrete oasis for extreme athletes of all ages and skill levels! But first, sit back and watch this laser flip.

Actually, scratch that. We’re a little bit rusty…let’s just stick to the tour.

A versatile park with lots of fun features

A sort of plaza, flow, and bowl park hybrid, The Altoona Skate Park is built to accommodate a wide variety of riding styles. Whether you like to skateboard, roller-skate, fly around on a trick scooter, or just hang out and watch—you’ll be sure to have a great time here.

There’s so much to try!

Plaza-style features:

  • 4-stair with handrail & kinked hubbas
  • Funbox with 3-stair, handrails, hubbas & ledge
  • Pyramid

Flow-style features:

  • Snake run
  • Moguls

Bowl-style features:

  • 5-foot mini ramp/bowl
  • Clover bowl

Other features:

  • Numerous curved ledges
  • Unique ledge shape near the front of the park

Great location & easy trail access

The Altoona Skate Park has an unbeatable location. It sits right next to the Altoona Aquatics Park and is just a short walk (or ride) away from the Altoona Campus, Prairie Heritage Park, restaurants, and tons of other local amenities!

(You can find a complete list of nearby attractions at the bottom of this article.)

Why skate parks are important

Skate parks aren’t just places to land gnarly tricks. They’re important amenities that provide numerous benefits to their surrounding communities. And Altoona’s is no exception!

Outdoor recreation

Put simply, skate parks give people a reason to go outside. They create space for people of all different backgrounds to be active, develop new skills, and try new things—all of which are key aspects of a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle.

Public safety

Skateparks allow people to engage in extreme sports in a controlled, carefully designed environment without having to worry about vehicles, pedestrians, unsafe structures, and other hazards found in streetscapes that can lead to injury and/or legal consequences when utilized improperly.

Community engagement

Just like parks, pools, and other public spaces, skate parks are great meet-up spots. They help encourage residents and visitors to meet new people, build new friendships, and become more involved with their local communities.

Economic development

While most public skateparks (Altoona’s included) are free to use, they nonetheless help support local economic development by helping attract visitors to local restaurants, retail stores, and other entertainment destinations.

Ready for an adventure?

Watch this video to get a closer look at the Altoona Skate Park and some of its features. And get excited, you’re going to have a blast!

What to know before you go

What: Altoona Skate Park

Where: 1000 Venbury Dr, Altoona, IA


  • Concrete skate park with numerous bowl, flow, and plaza features
  • Outdoor shelter
  • Easy trail access
  • Free to use

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