Perfectly Unique: STEMS Flower Shop in Altoona

STEMS Flower Shop

“More in Store” is a Visit Altoona feature, spotlighting local retail businesses around Altoona, Iowa.

STEMS Flower Shop in Altoona creates floral arrangements that are as unique as the people and occasions in your life. How do they do this? They let you pick out every single flower, then they use your selections to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces!

Watch the video above to see how and why Altoona’s STEMS Flower Shop creates arrangements that are true originals. 

That’s not all they do, though. STEMS also sells pre-arranged vases for grab-and-go purchases, as well as tag-along goods like stuffed animals, sweets, balloons, even specialized gifts like baby welcome baskets. Plus, they create elegant silk floral arrangements and sympathy gifts. No matter what or who you need flowers for, STEMS is here to craft your unforgettable arrangement! Plus, they offer delivery to the greater Altoona and Des Moines area.

STEMS has a founding story that is as unique as the arrangements they sell. They opened their doors in 2018 after founder Stephanie Groom spent years studying and practicing floristry overseas in England before finally coming home to Iowa. While in England, Stephanie created floral arrangements for weddings and events for friends and family, all while earning a design degree! However, the call to return to Iowa was just too strong to ignore, so Stephanie decided to bring her passion and skills back home.

Flowers can be a part of moments both big and small, for occasions both celebratory and solemn. Knowing this, Stephanie and the team at STEMS treat every arrangement like it’s the most important thing in the world, because for the customers—the reason for the flowers usually is.

“We get to be a part of most major events in a client’s lifetime,” said Stephanie. “Whether it is happy or sad, I consider it a privilege to be chosen to help during these times.”

Whether you’re looking for flowers to celebrate a loved one’s accomplishment, mark an anniversary, show sympathy to a friend during a time of mourning, or for anything else—let STEMS create the perfect arrangement for you!

Be sure to check out STEMS Flower shop and show the special person in your life that they’re worthy of something truly unique! And if you’re looking to really step up your flower-giving game, take advantage of STEMS’ flower subscription service.

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Address: 515 8th St SE, Altoona, IA 50009