Mayor Dean Breaks Down His 3 Favorite Altoona Parks

off the beaten path altoona parks

Pickleball, anyone?

Altoona, Iowa is known for our quirky charm, delicious dining, cozy fall shopping and high-stakes entertainment. But here’s a not-so-secret secret: Some of the greatest destinations in Altoona cost $0.00 and come with complementary monkey bars and sledding hills.

For those of us who grew up in town, as well as those who are visiting for the first time – welcome, by the way! – the Altoona public park system is a place of history and adventure and even a friendly “dude” straight out of Easter Island.

It’s a place where kids can be astronauts (courtesy of a giant spaceship sculpture), adults can be kids, and pickleball team captains can be… well, being a pickleball team captain is pretty cool already, so we’ll just leave it at that.

Before you visit Altoona’s local parks, check out the video below, where Altoona Mayor Dean O’Connor reveals his 3 favorites!

Pretty cool, right? You can learn more about our off-center city here.