Halloween Heads for Adventureland

Construction is underway on seven all-new haunted experiences at Adventureland as the Home of Iowa’s Best Thrills prepares for the first-ever Halloween event in its nearly 50-year history, Phantom Fall Fest.

The Altoona theme park will debut the new, walk-through haunted houses and scare zones on Friday, September 30, continuing on weekends until October 30. Many of the park’s most popular roller coasters and rides will be open during the event, including the Monster, Dragon Slayer, Tornado and Space Shot.

“This is the largest investment in a single event Adventureland has ever made. Working with industry leaders, we will provide guests with some of the most terrifying haunts in the state, along with Adventureland’s thrilling rides and attractions,” said Adventureland General Manager Bill Lentz. “You will not find a haunted attraction like it anywhere else in Iowa.”

Adventureland is partnering with RWS Entertainment Group, a global leader in themed entertainment and events, and local horror leaders from the Slaughter House to create the haunted attractions that will headline Phantom Fall Fest. Guests will be able to play all day, but after 6 p.m., fear kicks into gear with more than 100 scare actors populating the terrifying scAREAs throughout the park.

“The team at RWS is excited to bring to life some horrifying experiences that truly immerse the guest in a terrifying story,” said Monica Miklas, RWS Manager, Immersive Creative Content. “It is great to collaborate with Adventureland, as we elevate the scare this season and definitely Raise Your Fear.”

The RWS Scream Team of creative artists, designers, technical directors and fabricators have conceived and developed four haunted houses and three scare zones at Adventureland, populated by actors trained in the award-winning ways of scaring the socks off unsuspecting guests.

Haunted Houses are mazes built exclusively for Phantom Fall Fest:

  • mAlice in Wonderland: Eat Me or Drink Me? The choice sends you down one of two terrifying rabbit holes inhabited by the evil residents of Wonderland – who’ll be all too happy to escort you to the mad Red Queen herself;
  • Cornstalkers: A chemical spill has turned an Iowa corn field into a hazmat disaster. It’s almost like the corn is…alive;
  • CarnEVIL: Step right up! Filthy, evil carnies have taken over the carnival and turned it into their own funhouse of terrors; and
  • Spirits of the Swamp: Nightfall in the bayou: restless spirits claw at their graves, and strange incantations waft through the steamy air. Escape a demonic cult and the undead spirits it’s raised from the grave before you get pulled into the swamp forever;

Scare Zones are open-air themed walk-through locations:

  • MasqueRAGE: The Phantom’s World: The Phantom was known in his day for lavish Victorian Masquerade balls, and they somehow continue now, long after his supposed demise. He’s thrown a Halloween spell across the entire park, unleashing the spirits of the dearly departed – and the decidedly undead – to walk the earth once more;
  • Death Metal Vampires: Even the undead have to keep up with the times. A deathly DJ spins metal tracks at her club, populated by biker vampires in leather and chains. They’d love to have them join you for a dance…and a drink; and
  • Arachnophobia: What’s more terrifying than a path overtaken by giant spiders and their monstrous webs? These otherworldly arachnids don’t even listen to the Phantom. You’re on your own.

The terror begins on September 30 and continues Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until October 30. All of the haunted attractions except for mAlice in Wonderland are included with your admission to Adventureland. Admission to mAlice in Wonderland is $9.99. Platinum passholders get in free to mAlice in Wonderland during the first two weekends. Gold passholders get in free to mAlice in Wonderland on the first weekend.

The best way to experience all the haunts is with a personal scare monster. Those tough enough to brave Phantom Fall Fest dare to enter the Phantom Fall Fest sweepstakes for exclusive prizes. Four winners will receive prize packages including a one-night stay at Adventureland Inn and tickets to Phantom Fall Fest. One Grand Prize includes an exclusive personal scare monster to cut all the lines to the haunts, rides and food stands throughout the night. The Phantom Fall Fest sweepstakes ends September 18.

Phantom Fall Fest is included with select 2022 and 2023 Season Passes. 2023 Gold Season Passes include the rest of 2022 and remain $50 off for a limited time. View the event map below.