A dog’s day in Altoona

off the beaten path dog edition

This weekend, a local Shiba Inu took her owners on a spin through Altoona to sniff out the best dog destinations in town. Special thanks to the City of Altoona for sponsoring Off the Beaten Path!

As you humans already know, Altoona, IA is a fun and charming destination for people, with big destinations like Prairie Meadows, Adventureland and Outlets of Des Moines alongside small shops and restaurants, like Brightside Aleworks and Fireside Grille.

But what about those of us with four legs?

This weekend, I took my owners on a spin through Altoona to sniff out some of the best dog-friendly spots in town. While we were there, we explored:

  • The Hyatt Altoona/Des Moines, a dog-friendly hotel with a big pond right out back (a good place to walk your owners).
  • The Pampered Pooch Bakery & Salon, a business that offers grooming, daycare, boarding, obedience training, and handmade treats. (I took home a delicious birthday cupcake… and it wasn’t even my birthday!)
  • The 17th Avenue Dog Park. Nestled behind the Altoona Campus (a gym where all the humans chase their tails), this park has it all: trees, benches, obstacle courses, a water station, even a fire hydrant—the perfect place for a pit stop! There’s also a separate area for those of us who would rather not mix it up with the big dogs.

Turns out, Altoona is a bone-a fide doggie destination, with parks, paths, outdoor restaurants, activities and businesses to explore—oh, and plenty of squirrels to chase, too! When it comes to pup-friendly fun, I’d give Altoona two thumbs way up (you know, if I had thumbs).

Check out my video to see my Altoona adventures in action, then grab a leash and start exploring!